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We are excited to announce the formation of the International Fine Arts Ministry (IFA) of the U.P.C.A.G. This ministry serves as an organizational apparatus to discover, develop and provide a platform to talented singers, song-writers, dancers, musicians, painters, poets and all who are gifted in fine arts!

About The IFA

District Fine Arts Programs

Our District Fine Arts programs serve as the main bridge between talented individuals, our local churches and the International Program. District Fine Arts events are held on a regular basis and participation is open to everyone! For more information, contact the District Fine Arts Director closest to you. Let's Connect!

Eastern District

Midwest District

New England

Barbados District

Southern District

Romanian District

Liberia District

Ministry of Movement
Break Dance Crew

Calling all Praise Dancers, Mime Ministers, Step Teams, Ballet, Sign Language and any form of movement that lifts up the name of the Lord... We want to connect with you! We have designed a program that provides resources and support to churches, teams and individuals within our organization who want to maximize their potential and service to God in this area. For more information, contact your District Fine Arts Director.


This highly essential ministry uses technical resources to ensures that our worship gatherings are an impactful experience. Use of cameras, lighting, screens, visual aids, audio equipment, and much more are employed to bring us into a creatively dynamic worship experience.

Training & Workshops
Flashing Lights During Concert

Periodically, we offer workshops and training to ensure we are all students of our craft, and in a position to offer our very best to the Lord, and to our local ministry. These gatherings take place in the form of workshops at our national convention, district gatherings, and digital seminars held online. Keep an eye out for our schedule of upcoming training modules and workshops.

International Mass Choir

Do you love to lift up the name of the Lord with your voice? Consider joining our International Mass Choir! Our mass choir sings at national events, records on our organizational music projects, and serves as an integral part of our ministry. Contact us today for more information.

Gospel Choir
International Praise Team

"Sing unto him a new song; play skilfully with a loud noise." - Psalm 33:3

Our International Praise Team is responsible for leading our organization into the presence of the Lord during our national gatherings. This skilled group of singers not only maintains good vocal health but they also demonstrate spiritual maturity and accountability. This group is acutely aware that our spiritual sound is just as important as our natural sound. Interested in joining this elite group of worship warriors? Contact us today to set up a virtual audition.

Intercessors & Hospitality
Prayer Group

Intercessory prayer goes hand in hand with worship. This vital ministry ensures we are covered as we minister in critical areas to create an atmosphere conducive to miracles, signs, and wonders. Consider joining our intercessory prayer ministry today!

Do you enjoy bringing a smile to someone's face? Studies show that a person knows within seconds if they will ever return to a church or gathering. Our hospitality ministry makes the first impression a lasting one. Consider serving in this area of ministry.

The Band

Our official international band is comprised of highly skilled musicians who work rigorously to perfect their craft. If you are interested in auditioning to play with us, contact the IFA office to get a copy of our musical standards and set up a time to audition.

Band on Stage
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